At Cutting Hedge, we have carved a niche for ourselves with our in-depth understanding of how lawns should be treated appropriately. We understand that ground preparation is crucial to garden turf, and the presence of good soil. We provide our customers with a comprehensive report on any lawn and conduct a pre-inspection visit. This would give us an idea of the best solution to suggest for you to have a healthy lawn in your space.

Installation of traditional lawns entails the use of a turf cutter and rotavator; these are the gadgets that offer you a thick green grass. The turf cutter is used for the removal of old weed and the rotavator will be used to add the first layer. The layer will be a combination of the old soil and turfing sub soil mixture. When our team is convinced about the sub-layer, and drainage issues have been sorted out, we will apply Cutting Hedge Blended Loam Layer with the Grade B topsoil.

Grade B topsoil is a better alternative to Grade A as it cannot retain organic matter. However, rich nutrients like Iron, Potassium, and Sulphur are found in the soil. Our experience has shown that organic matter can be dangerous to newly laid lawns as earthworm casting will complement as they break down the entire organic matter creating a grimy lawn.

At this crucial phase, oxygen is essential as it aid levelling and proper rotating, and enable you to achieve a smooth surface. In a case where the soil has been contaminated, we can add our fertilizer to the soil layer, and that will provide food for the roots for the next six months. We will ensure your turf is entirely wet and take care of your needs.

We are passionate about maintaining the new lawn as well as feeding, scarifying, aerating, and ensuring your new garden will sustain an excellent appearance for a long time.