Cutting Hedge Surrey landscapes has trialed a few jointing methods in 20 years of service. Some of the jointing methods are sand and cement, Sika pave fix, easy joint and Geo fix …

After great use of these products we found Gtfk the best solution to jointing as it requires no special weather conditions.

GftK vdw 800 and 850 Epoxy Paving Joint Mortar is high performing and suitable for natural stone, reconstituted stone and concrete block paved surfaces on patios, paths, driveways commercial areas and other hard landscaped surfaces with joints wider than 5mm.

Gtfk is a two part jointing compound in which a liquid hardener is added to a resin coated aggregate, along with water.

Tubs are 25kg and available in a natural (light sand) colour.

  • Fast, durable and cost effective
  • Easily flow applied
  • Self-compacting
  • Low temperature application: min 7°C
  • Can be applied on wet/damp surfaces
  • Clean, stain free surfaces
  • Optimum strength correlation
  • Water permeable
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Frost and de-icing salt resistant
  • Mechanical sweeper and cleaner resistant
  • No weeds or boring insects
  • Environmentally friendly.

A permeable sub-base is required and the paving should have a minimum joint depth of 30mm. Area must be saturated first.

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Jointing and Pointing
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We used this on our patio back in 2001 and it has not cracked or chipped. Only issue I find is it does lose its color... solution pressure wash

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