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Cutting Hedge Irrigation systems

Cutting Hedge Surrey irrigation specialist is approved Rainbird installer along with Hydrawise remote management we have come up with the perfect solution for Domestic and commercial irrigation systems. This alows our Surrey irrigation specialist to monitor faults, seasonal adjustments and  selective winter watering if needed.

Surrey irrigation systems offer a 2 yearly package which includes to services and on site adjustments to make sure your system is in top form throughout the year.

Contact our Surrey automatic watering consultant today and we would be happy to provide you a free estimate.

In times of drought we can install rain harvesting systems with surface tanks or ground tanks. We connect this to the master valve to allow a constant free supply of water.

Cutting Hedge irrigation systems offers:

  • Expert Garden Irrigation design and installation across Surrey
  • Spring, summer and weatherization
  • Commercial landscape irrigation
  • Sprinkler cleaning and adjustments
  • Automatic watering irrigation systems designed for property landlords
  • Rain and water harvesting systems

Large turfing of large gardens can be stressful during low rainfall, Cutting Hedge has a rental service were we install a temporary watering system to get the lawn started.  Cutting Hedge Surrey Turfing can install pop up sprinklers, solenoid valves and tubing all below ground surface. Your newly laid turf will now be watered automatically from a controller. A rain sensor can be connected to your system making sure watering only takes place when needed.

Controllers such as battery controlled systems are less reliable than a professional system that are connected to the mains power. Mains power irrigation wireless controllers are now at huge demand, they are connected to your home wifi and connect with a local weather  station.


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