If you are looking for the specialist brand for your domestic and commercial irrigation systems, you have a reliable partner in us at Cutting Hedge. We can check for seasonal adjustments, selective winter watering, and check for faults. As a seasoned service provider focused on the satisfaction of our clients, we provide you with premium services as well as on-site adjustments to ensure your irrigation system is in perfect condition.

We can also assist you with the installation of rain harvesting systems with surface tanks or ground tanks in periods of drought. We can connect this to the master valve to ensure a free flow of water wherever you need it. Feel free to contact us for a free quote of your project needs. You can count on our expertise to offer the following services:

• Spring, summer and weatherization

• Commercial Landscape Irrigation

• Sprinkler cleaning and adjustments

• Rain and water harvesting systems

• Expert Garden Irrigation design and installation

• Automatic watering irrigation systems for property owners

When there is a rainfall shortage, large turfing of bigger gardens can be an arduous task. We got you covered in this regard as we have a rental service where we install a temporary watering system to prepare the lawn. We are specialists in the installation of pop-up sprinklers, solenoid valves and tubing below the ground surface. This would ensure a consistent supply of water whenever you need it.

We can help you connect with the Mains power because it is more reliable. With a steady connection to the WiFi network of your home and local weather station, your Mains power irrigation wireless controller can work without issues.