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Green Roof

Green roofs for garages, sheds and flat surfaces

Building a green roof is one of the best things to do to add some interest to a shed, garden office or car port. If you have a limited space and majority of the space ids paved or tarmac the building a green roof will add a element of natural visual.

Either wildflower turf or sedum can be installed on its specially designed base to help with rooting. Sedum is very low maintenance and wont require pruning.
Our garden maintenance team can provide you with green roof trimming and clearing allowing the wildflower to regenerate itself.

Wildflower Roof Turf has been developed by the company using its unique ‘soil-less’ system that is more drought tolerant than the landscape product. It easy to handle and delivers a guaranteed wildflower environment on a roof. The roof turf is made up of 41 UK native wildflowers and grasses, with a minimum of 50% wildflowers.


  • Public buildings
  • Private houses
  • Garden buildings
  • Garages
  • Containers
  • Wall capping

We have installed a number green roofs to date with huge success along with a seasonal flowers keeping the roof blending into the Surrey landscape.

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