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Cutting Hedge weekly garden maintenance

Surrey garden maintenance has a weekly visit option for a perfect finish to allow you to enjoy every moment spent in the garden.
During weekly visits, we focus on every possible task that needs to be done in the garden, lawn care, pressure cleaning, furniture cleaning, planting, soil conditioning and nearly all other tasks.
High demand sites as schools, residential flats and demanding Surrey gardens are always a challenge so why not contact our Surrey weekly garden maintenance department for free assessment visit today.

Cutting Hedge weekly garden maintenance can do shorter contracts as short as 2 months to get your property up to standard for selling your home. We focus on coming the same day and time so you can always plan around our visit, showing your home to potential buyers will be a lot easier with a maintained garden.

If you have recently had your garden built or landscaped our weekly maintenance is a good way to learn tips and tricks to keep your garden in top form. Our specialized weekly maintenance gardeners are always there to share gardening secrets and tips.

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