Cutting Hedge offers commercial gardening services for retail brands, and we have been providing this service for about two decades in the United Kingdom. We have achieved tremendous success rates over the years, and this has made more clients believe in our brand to deliver an exceptional service.

We have a team of professionals committed to the maintenance of commercial garden sites of our clientele. Cutting Hedge has vans to handle the maintenance service with professional gardening experts led by a team leader. Our team members have a thorough understanding and knowledge of the project.

Our commercial garden package is available in different packages such as weekly, fortnightly and monthly packages. You are required to choose the best package that suits your needs and schedule.

We offer lawn care services which also entail the removal of thatch and moss, aeration and fertilization.

  • Litter Pick
  • Green waste removal or composting management
  • Mowing
  • Trimming and hedge control
  • Walls, fences and perimeter inspections
  • Pest and disease inspection and control
  • Weed control
  • Fruit and ornamental tree pruning
  • Large tree inspection
  • General upkeep of shrubs and plants
  • Seasonal Window boxes
  • Bedding arrangements
  • High-pressure jet washing of paved areas
  • Car park moss control
  • Weekly visits only
  • Extensive Tree management with the Tree surgeon
  • Bulb planting
  • Replacement shrubs and herbaceous planting