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25 Sep 2016

Jointing and Pointing

Cutting Hedge Surrey landscapes has trialed a few jointing methods in 20 years of service. Some of the jointing methods are sand and cement, Sika pave fix, easy joint and Geo fix …

After great use of these products we found Gtfk the best solution to jointing as it requires no special weather conditions.

GftK vdw 800 and 850 Epoxy Paving Joint Mortar is high performing and suitable for natural stone, reconstituted stone and concrete block paved surfaces on patios, paths, driveways commercial areas and other hard landscaped surfaces with joints wider than 5mm.

Gtfk is a two part jointing compound in which a liquid hardener is added to a resin coated aggregate, along with water.

Tubs are 25kg and available in a natural (light sand) colour.

  • Fast, durable and cost effective
  • Easily flow applied
  • Self-compacting
  • Low temperature application: min 7°C
  • Can be applied on wet/damp surfaces
  • Clean, stain free surfaces
  • Optimum strength correlation
  • Water permeable
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Frost and de-icing salt resistant
  • Mechanical sweeper and cleaner resistant
  • No weeds or boring insects
  • Environmentally friendly.

A permeable sub-base is required and the paving should have a minimum joint depth of 30mm. Area must be saturated first.

25 Sep 2017

Woking gardening services

Woking gardening and garden maintenance  

Our team based in working can offer you a gardening service at any time of the year , we include lawn mowing, hedge cutting , leaf blowing and collection, pressure cleaning, before party gardening clean ups and same day hedge cutting.

Our Woking gardeners are fully insured and full uniformed to make sure you have a professional service every time. Our service can be a regular as monthly, weekly or fortnightly gardening services.

We have a 2, 4, and 8 hour slot either with one or 2 gardeners depending on the season.

Surrey Garden Maintenance
Woking Garden Maintenance
25 Sep 2016

Surrey artificial grass

Cutting Hedge™ Surrey artificial grass has been installing a number of artificial grass products over the 20 years of service, we have seen the market change and certainly have seen how realistic the fake grass has become…

Cutting Hedge™ Surrey artificial grass has proved to our many customers the correct and incorrect way of installing and maintaining the huge amount of fake grass that is on the market today.
Cutting Hedge™ Surrey was one of the many companies back in 2000 that used a frowned practice of nails and timber to fix the lawn down.  Yet we find  there are still some companies using timber and nail systems, this system of installation is proven to be very negative and has some major health and safety issues. Cutting Hedge Surrey artificial grass installation we dont use nails, timber or any pegging down device, we simple use gravity along with some Silica sand.

We not only install artificial grass but we maintain it to a high standard  with our regular Surrey garden garden maintenance service that includes deep cleaning and spraying with our eco friendly detergent. Our Eco friendly detergent will safely destroy moss and algae build up.

Along with correct preparation it is important to remove 80mm of the all surface material and replace it with a good aggregate to allow for stability and drainage. Cutting Hedge Surrey uses either  50mm  clean stone 2 to 6mm, Grano dust, Type one Mot with a sand screed. This way of preparation will depend on the soil and if you have pets.

As a landscaping company we do not just offer artificial grass installations but yet plan, design and construct your complete garden with all the latest techniques and best material you can buy.

Cutting Hedge Surrey Landscapes and artificial grass installations install Royal artificial grass. Woking, Virginia Water, Cobham, Esher, Sunningdale, West Byfleet, Oxshoot and Hinchley Wood

Surrey artificial grass
Surrey fake grass with metal edge



25 Sep 2016
Lawn Care

Surrey lawn care

Cutting Hedge™  lawn care and lawn maintenance, Surrey lawn care services and regular lawn mowing. Cutting Hedge includes scarification, aeration, top dressing and our 6 month slow release fertilizer preparing the lawn to look its best during all seasons. Cutting Hedge commercial garden maintenance team focus on keeping all commercial garden lawns looking perfect, this helps companies keep a professional and neat appearance.

After scarification we can feed your lawn with our specialist six month feed for general purpose, hard wearing lawns. Ideal for lawns where a rotary mower is used.

Autumn Lawn care
Choose added Sulphur to help ensure that all the nutrients are made available to the grass, particularly if your lawn is on alkaline soils (chalk & limestone) or your grass is looking a little yellow in colour.

Cutting Hedge Surrey lawn feed will continue to keep your lawn in tip-top condition for six months during the stressful winter months.

Analysis: NPK 15: 5: 22: plus trace elements.

Treatment Area: 1 kilo covers 28sq mts / 34sq yds.

Ideal time for use: Autumn to early winter

Spring and Summer care

Specialist six month feed for general purpose, hard-wearing lawns. Ideal for lawns where a rotary mower is used. Just apply and forget – there is no risk of burning, scorching, leaching and the need to water-in. Cutting Hedge spring and summer lawn care  provides excellent green colour and slow continuous growth throughout the spring and summer months.

Sulphur will ensure that all the nutrients are made available to the grass, particularly if your lawn is on alkaline soils (chalk & limestone) or your grass is looking a little yellow in colour.

Analysis: NPK 28: 3: 10: plus trace elements.

1 kilo will cover around 28 sq m / 34 sq yds

Our service is designed for all our maintenance packages or yearly, The yearly Surrey lawn care service consist of two visits. Cutting Hedge  includes lawn fertilising, scarification, topdressing and aeration.

We cover all Surrey including  Woking, Sunningdale and Chobham.

27 Dec 2016

Woking artificial grass

Cutting Hedge Woking artificial grass installer’s and providers of Royal grass have been installing artificial grass for over 20 years in Surrey. Woking artificial grass has seen a few samples from leading providers and we certainly can provide you with the most realistic grass on the market today.

Royal Woking artificial grass has a unique quality and reliability are our top priority

  • Most natural looking grass, unlike other artificial grass sellers
  • Eco-friendly and produced with respect for nature
In order to develop the most natural looking artificial grass, we have been researching the features of actual natural grass. Since 2005 we have started producing V-shape fibres, making us the first and only artificial grass manufacturer to do so. These special fibres are inspired by nature. Every grass fibre has a lengthwise fold, just like real grass.

Our Woking artificial grass installers provide free samples and free quotations in Woking, Knaphill, Mayford, West Byfleet, Ripley and Shearwater.

27 Dec 2016

Closeboard Fencing

Close board fencing adds elegance to any garden and blends into any background with it unique tones of brown. All timber is pressure treated and stain either in brown or light brown. The feather edge boards can be timed and shaped to Crete a unique design either for security or a visual finish.

Closeboard fencing is formed of timber feather edge boards that are arranged vertically and supported by horizontal rails between either timber or concrete posts. This classic construction will form a strong fencing run around your property that maintains your privacy.

Close board fencing
Close board fencing components

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